Manual Balancing Valves MSV


LENO MSV BD e1462898665450LENO™ MSV-BD is a new generation of manual valves for balancing flow in heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems. LENO™ MSV-BD is a combined presetting and shut off valve with a range of unique features.
Easy mounting
Space inside buildings is money. The LENO™ is very compact and the handle is easy to remove so you need very little room for the installation. Conventional balancing valves need to be mounted in
straight pipe to ensure accurate measurement. The LENO™ can be placed any- where, for example just after an elbow, without influencing its accuracy.
Easy and accurate measuring
LENO™ has measuring nipples on a measuring station so they are always accessible. The digital scale  is also readable from all angles. Further- more, the precision of the valve is independent of the  setting and much more precise than com- peting solutions. Danfoss also introduces a high- tech  measuringdevice. The PFM5000 allows you to carry out measurement with your mobile phone (Android  App) with either bluetooth or wireless which saves a lot of time.
Easy set point locking
A simple tap on the top of the handle is enough to lock the LENO’s setting. For more convenience we ship the LENO™ MSV-BD with a green disposable key for unlocking. Simply press the green latch and the valve is unlocked.
To make LENO™ tamper-proof a plastic tie-wrap (accessory) can be inserted, making it easily visible when the valve has been tampered with.
Easy shut-off function
When the LENO™ MSV-BD is locked, the valve becomes a ball valve. This feature has several advantages: The valve has zero leakage, opening and closing the valve is much easier because it takes only a quarter turn and closing the valve will not influence the setting in any way because the setting mechanism and the shut-off mechanism are completely separate. The position of the LENO™ (open or closed) is clearly shown by a red indicator.
Easy and practical draining
LENO™ MSV-BD has a built-in drain tap. To drain you can turn one of the measuring nipples with a 13 mm. spanner. When the LENO™ is closed, you can even choose from which side of the valve you want to drain by selecting the appropriate measuring nipple, saving you t e expense of mounting additional drain taps.

MSV-F2 is a manual pre-setting valve,designed to secure a constant flow verification.It is applied in numerous HVACsystems, like air handling units (AHU), fancoils, chilled panels, manifolds and centralheating applications like 299655 20 3boiler stations. It can also be used as flow verification andshut-off valve for pressure controllers, or as constant flow by-pass balancing in air handling units.
Advantages of the MSV-F2:
• 100% shut-off function for service and repair
• Compact valve with excellent flow characteristics
• Easy readable digital scale
• High flow rates
• Locking of pre-setting
• Measuring orifices for easy verification of the flow
• Excellent paint job to prevent corrosion

Automatic Balancing Valves ASV


316436 20 3ASV-PV is a automatic balancing valve that maintains constant differential pressure across the riser. ASV-PV can be set to control the differential pressure in several Dp setting ranges: Between 5 to 25 kPa (10 kPa factory setting), 20 to 40 kPa (30 kPa), 35 to 75 kPa (60 kPa), and 60 to 100 kPa (80 kPa). When supplied ASV-PV is set at factory setting. It incorporates a shut-off function and a drain cock. ASV-PV is designed for installation in the return pipe.

Danfoss’ ASV solution is a simple and cost-effective approach to boosting the efficiency of heating systems by using the latest high-performance balancing valves and temperature controllers. This offers a number of direct benefits, not least in retaining and attracting good tenants. Satisfied tenants complain less, saving you time and money on services and administration. They are more likely to stay, saving you re-letting costs and protecting your cash flow. Their good opinion of the building they live in spreads among their neighbors, helping to build local demand for your properties as well as boosting your image with regard to social responsibility. Withenergy costs continuing to rise above the rate of inflation, there is no better way to keep your tenants happy than by offering them a comfortable living environment while minimizing what they have to pay to achieve it.

Seizing a major opportunity

At present, around 80-90% of multi- family buildings – even those built in the last 30 years – have heating systems with little or no hydronic balancing and/or poor temperature control. This represents a major opportunity for improvement, for both commercial and environmental reasons. Fortunately, with the Danfoss ASV solution, achieving significant gains in the efficiency of your  heating system and the level of comfort is both easy and very affordable. Although exact results will vary from  building to building, it is not unusual for a Danfoss ASV solution to pay for itself in as little as two years.

Pressure Independent Balancing & Control Valves AB-QM

AB-QM Pressure independent valve

319809 20 3AB-QM is a Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valve, which limits the maximum flow, and at the same time function as a control valve operated by a several different types of Danfoss actuators. AB-QM can be set to a precise design value and thereby provide full control over the real conditions in the system.
The future is now
Comparing Danfoss PIBCV to conventional two-way valves and manual balancing valves, you will simply need fewer products. The AB-QM is a compact automatic balancing valve and pressure independent control valve in one. That implies less commissioning and instal- lation time, it will make calculations easier and manually balancing of the installation is unnecessary. The only thing you have to do is select the required flow and the AB-QM will automatically balance the installation immediately after installation.

AB-QM is perfect for upgrading your current HVAC system
From experience we know that our customers are challenged with balancing and control issues in their existing HVAC installations. Equipping your system with AB-QM will help you solve them. Since AB-QM will also save you energy, your investment will be paid back in less than 3 years.

AB-QT is perfect to upgrade your one-pipe system
Upgrading your one-pipe system with an AB-QM and a thermostatic QT element will make your one-pipe system as efficient as a two-pipe heating system without any complex system renova- tions or new piping. The end-users will benefit from a perfectly controlled heating installation, resulting in improved indoor comfort and energy savings.





















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